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Simona Florea
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Unite with us in breaking the cycle of malnutrition!

The world’s greatest contributor to child mortality

The cause

Malnutrition is the greatest contributor to child mortality according to the WHO (World Health Organization). In 2010 approximately 20 million children worldwide were estimated to suffer from severe acute malnutrition, while one third of all childhood deaths were and still are linked to malnutrition. (WHO)

Malnutrition is caused by unbalanced diets lacking vital nutrients leaving children more vulnerable to serious illness and early death. Essential micronutrient supplements containing selected vitamins and nutrients (particularly vitamin A, iron, iodine, folate and zinc), as formulated and recommended by the WHO and UNICEF, are trusted to mitigate the effects of malnutrition especially among children under the age of five.

Essential micronutrients are imperative for proper immune function, structural integrity of cells, and cognitive development of infants and children. Providing these helps build the foundation for good health and the opportunity to lead meaningful as well as productive lives.


In 2008, a panel of world-class economists assembled by the Copenhagen Consensus analysed forty different solutions to ten of the world's greatest global development challenges. The panel concluded and ranked micronutrient supplementation for undernourished children as the number one global priority!

Essential micronutrient supplements not only reduce deaths and sickness among children, but also promote educational development which is recognized to be positively linked to economic development and can break the cycle of malnutrition.




ORIGIN's pediatric vitamin supplement is manufactured in conformity with WHO-UNICEF standards incorporating input from the medical team at AmeriCares for enhancing the amounts of several micronutrients which conform to recent information regarding pediatric nutritional requirements.

"Essential micronutrient supplementation is critical for children suffering from malnutrition,” says Dr. Frank Bia, Medical Director of AmeriCares.

Dr. Frank J. Bia is an expert in infectious diseases and international health. He joined our partner AmeriCares after a 30-year career at Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Bia served as a professor of both medicine infectious diseases and laboratory medicine in clinical microbiology. He was also co-director of the International Health Program at Yale. As Medical Director, Dr. Bia oversees the planning, assessment, resourcing and clinical operations of AmeriCares Global Programs.



Through ORIGIN|Unite children can be provided with the aid needed in preventing or combating the negative effect of malnutrition. ORIGIN|Unite delivers a daily dose of essential micronutrient supplement to children under five focusing on those living in regions where under-nutrition and malnutrition is prevalent. The micronutrients distributed through ORIGIN|Unite give children the vital first step they need to excel physically and cognitively, rather than simply surviving their key formative years.

ORIGIN|Unite focuses on vulnerable populations in countries with documented cases of malnutrition. We achieve results by working with our delivery partner— AmeriCares who have an intimate understanding of the issues as well as local presence in the communities served.


We don't want money to go to charity overhead. By DONATING PRODUCT RATHER THAN CASH, donors know exactly how their contribution is being used and can be assured that their donation is making a difference, a positive IMPACT, in the lives of children. With ORIGIN|Unite you donate 6*59™ Micronutrients straight to the child in need. Not one cent of your donated money goes to overhead costs, as it's already included in the product. We have taken care of the rest. The product will be distributed by AmeriCares and their global assitance program at NO extra cost.

We look forward to welcoming you to the growing family of the many thousands, committed to fighting the scourge of MALNUTRITION among children at risk and providing them with a chance for a healthier tomorrow!



With ORIGIN|Unite you know exactly what your money will buy— units of 6*59™ micronutrients. No money is going to waste! You know how your donated product will be used— it will nourish children suffering from malnutrition.

You know that your donations will be leveraged with medical specialists from a 3rd party non-profit organization— AmeriCares! They will deliver the products to the children at risk populations globally at no cost. And you know that you are certainly making a global IMPACT!

Join us and participate as a donor NOW!

Big or small, your contribution matters. By getting involved today you are giving children around the world hope for a better tomorrow.